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Top 50 papers Top 50 authors Statistics overview. Advanced search. Three research questions guided this study: 1 Dissertation on leadership succession the four succession planning and management components structurally related, 2 Is there a difference in how senior administrative and middle manager leaders evaluate succession planning and management components, and 3 Is there a difference between size and location of institution in regards to status of succession planning and management components?

An exploratory factor analysis was used to address research question one and test the structural relationship of the common succession planning and management components of the survey.

A second statistical procedure, multivariate analysis of variance, was used to analyze differences between the four dependent measures of succession planning and management and leadership level, doctoral dissertation on leadership institutional factors.

The objective of this researc h focuses on developing a methodology that will assist construction companies plan and prepare for a leadership transition. Data is gathered from case studies of twelve construction companies that have recently experienced leadership succession.

The data is analyzed for practices and characteristics that correlate to successful leadership transitions. Skip acid rain paper main content. Author Brannon Johnson Follow. Department Educational Research and Administration. Search Enter search terms:. Based on leadership structure in 1Timaccording to Maxwell, every leader should be tested before being given an official position. The preparation of a leader is crucial to their success.

However, Acts and records the occurrence of succession practice. The design used in this research was simple random survey, of which members of the Bethel Prayer Ministry International were chosen to seek their views on the indigenous contribution on succession practices and succession planning to the growth and development of the church. Data for the research was therefore obtained from two sources: primary and secondary sources.

The population for the study comprised the ordinary members of the Bethel Prayer Ministry International. The sampling technique used was simple random sampling. Participants were randomly selected to share their views on the indigenous contribution to the growth and development of the Bethel Prayer Ministry International in Ghana. The random sampling ensured that, each member of the population has the same chance of being included in the sample.

In all one hundred participants were selected for the study. A questionnaire was purposely designed to seek the views of participants selected. In all one hundred participants were sampled from the ordinary members of the Bethel Church, with the assumption that the constitution engages the ideas of the leadership.

This selection is a detail about how specifically the data were obtained. The constitution of the church was used because it carries the detailed succession information been enshrined in it. Comments quoted in this document as supporting evidence have been edited only for grammatical purposes. Particular attention was paid to maintain the integrity of the meaning of what was said and spelled out in the constitution.

Questionnaire was used to test the validity of the constitution. The constitution of the church has most of the details about the subject matter. It is the fundamental and entrenched rules governing the conduct of the Bethel Prayer Ministry International, and establishing its concept, character and structure. It was used as a primary source to enhance qualitative segment of the research.

A questionnaire is a set of written questions on a given problem which the respondent is require responding to. It must be noted that the questionnaire is meant to elicit information from the respondent about some factors leads to poor succession practices. This is used as quantitative method. Expert opinion was also sought to check the content validity of the questionnaires.

The internal consistency method was used to measure the reliability of the questionnaires. This was done by slightly changing the wording and positions of the same questions. Two instruments were used for data collection. First, the church constitution was enormously used for the study as primary data. Second, self-administered questionnaires were designed for the ordinary members of the Church selected for the study.

Besides, the researcher devoted his time to observe their succession practices. A case study research method using a simple random approach was utilized.

This resulted in an interpretative research study using techniques to gather perceptions regarding how succession planning was perceived by the leadership and the ordinary members of the church. According to Kingsley Larbi, Bishop Dr. He was officially called into the ministry as an evangelist in the Church of Pentecost in He successfully transformed the prayer camp into a church called Bethel Prayer Ministry International and was assisted by the late Apostle Tetteh Commey.

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He is undoubtedly the contemporary foremost leader in the healing ministry in Ghanaian Christianity. He popularized the terms binding, breaking and bombing as mighty weapon dissertation on school principal leadership spiritual warfare.

His ministry was characterized by outstanding healing and miracles. These were the main features that brought his ministry to the lime light.

His first deputy was the late Apostle Tetteh Commey. He later came to have his Headquarters in Accra, Kotobabi in a rented apartment doctoral dissertation on leadership moved to Abossey Okai where the church has her own building as central church attached by offices.

Giving a brief background of the challenges of the church, it is observed and noted that after the death of the founder, the General Secretary Apostle Nii Boye Armah was then in charge to assigned someone to be an acting chairman according to the former constitution as not amended.

However prior to his next plan of action in terms of the appointment, he died suddenly. This incident has put the church in a serious and a tight corner with negative imaginations commence coming up as to which the church can survive.

As a result, the former General Secretary of the church in the person of Apostle Samuel Gyamfi had to step in as well as allowed by the same constitution. Then the General Council comes in to follow the amended constitution for the election of chairman. The wife of the founder, Apostle Georgina Tabiri as co-founder in the registration document of the church, lots of rumors came in as to which she might have wanted to take over though the constitution does not permit.

She allowed the constitution to take its course. Appointment: Appointment is done to choose a qualified person not below the rank of an Apostle or Prophet. According to their constitution as amended in article six, Apostles, Prophet, National Heads and regional heads shall constitute an electoral college to put forward candidates for chairmanship to be ratified by the general council.

Electoral College shall be done by a secret ballot supervised by an electoral commissioner appointed by the executive council.

The candidate who secures the highest vote at the Electoral College shall be presented to the General Council for ratification by two thirds majority of members present and voting.

If the candidate presented fails to obtain two-third majority vote from the General Council, the Electoral College shall bring forth the second person and if he also fails the two-third then the College again present the third person for ratification and if he also fails then the first two candidates who drew the highest number of vote shall be presented to the General Council for election on a simple majority basis.

Finally to them if where there is prophecy it shall be judged on its own merit. Qualifications: Article six exhibited that he must be a Pastor not below the rank of an Apostle or Prophet. Terms of Office: The term of office spelled out apparently in their constitution is two terms of five years each.

The Chairman: Finally, the former general secretary of the church in the person of Apostle Samuel Gyamfi was elected the first chairman of the Bethel Prayer Ministry International who is now in his second term of office succeeded Bishop Dr.

Paul OwusuTabiri. In order to put the study into its actual context, the study of the Bethel Prayer Ministry International is vital to comprehend the flexible and underpinnings which have sustained Pentecostal Christianity in Ghana. The next chapter seeks to give the Data presentation of the study The Role of Pastors in the Church:.

Overseers who prove themselves capable of Problem solution essay for middle school work shall be called and ordained into the pastorate. Statistically through critical observation the rapid growth of the Church in term of its numerical growth has diminished compared to walking essay time of the founder.

Due to certain challenges the church has faced earlier on after the death of the founder. But to the glory of God the church is doing well though there is more room for development. This chapter presents analysis, interpretations and detailed discussion of the findings in the study.

The constitution of the church, critical observation and a questionnaire as a research instrument was used to gather the data. Purposely to bring to light the indigenous Ghanaians initiative of succession practices in the history of Bethel Prayer Ministry International, after the death of the founder in Table 1: Showing people opinion whether the leadership structure of the church is good enough.

It means that the people need change in the leadership structure. Statistically, they have seen that the church is not growing as it supposed to be, compared to the time of the founder although leadership administration of that time was also not enough.

There is not enough unity in the leadership of the church, even some do lobby for position of which they do not have what it takes to be there. Some of the Apostles are called regional Apostles but just taken care of only one area of that region. The people want to see new structure of leadership administration with the prestige it deserves. To embark on proper succession planning, there should be a well define leadership structure from the locals, areas, regions and then the national as well as specified by the constitution which dissertation on leadership to be amended.

This is where before one gets to the national level; he or she could have gain more experience through his or her service from the local, districts, area and region. Table 2: Whether the role of pastors in the Church on average to enhance succession planning.

Obviously, because there is no succession planning the role of the pastors is not on science term paper to encourage succession planning.

The researcher observed from their view that they want succession planning to be established. Where there is no succession planning in organization, power struggle begins from the mind of the individual, moreover some are not even qualified for it. Sometimes those who are relatives to the founder might have thought it is a family inheritance if there is lack of succession planning. Succession planning will even alert the pastors from the bottom whether one is qualified to climb the top or not.

Dissertation on leadership succession

Succession planning helps provides next three or four people on line to be voted upon right after last term of the leader. Table3: Opinions from people whether the church leadership has played a major role example of narrative essay about family Ghanaian Pentecostalism.

Because of the survival of the church in spite all challenges, they believed is a credit to Ghanaian Pentecostalism. Mostly Pentecostal churches have certain fears when it comes to leadership positions. After the death of the dissertation on educational leadership many thought the church might not stay nor survive but to fall into the ditch.

But the executives with the general council were able through the grace of God to sustain the church though they have more room for development. It is evident that, the survival of the church is through the grace of God, because many do not understand how could founder of the church died and not quiet long the general secretary also died. It also evident that, ten years now when the founder died, the church is still alive.

The researcher believed as for this one they did well because two top most people to die just like that is not easy for the church where there was no written succession planning.

However they did their best though it was tough to them that are why there is the need to implement succession planning to avoid same challenge in the future. Table 4, views to whether the church has a defined and effective succession planning. Similarly from table 1, the people are very mindful of succession planning to be established. This they believed can help the church leadership to promote the growth of the church.

This will enable personals to work hard by means of knowing what they are supposed to do. It is evident in the entire tables that the people are hungry for change in the church leadership administration of which emphasis is much laid on succession planning.

This would enable and energize the young men to feel at home and to be proud of their leaders. With immediate effect the church leadership should try as hard as they can to embark dissertation on leadership this succession planning. Table 5: Opinions whether the church voting system for election is good enough.

The researcher has also observed the presentation of one person to be voted upon by the church leadership is one way or the other not accurate enough. This means the church constitution needs amendment. The respondents believed that, for one person to be presented to the general council without knowing the rest that follows is not the best therefore this system should be changed.

Simply they are eager to see the executive or the Electoral College to present the entire three candidates to the general council. The researcher with his observation suggests vehemently that the church leadership should adopt a simple voting system of bringing all the candidates forward.

The one with the highest votes should be giving the norm. Initially they present one person first and if he fails the two thirds, the second person comes in and if he also fails then the third person and if he also fails before they votes on the first and second with the highest votes. The respondents believed they should reject the initial way to adopt the suggested idea.

Table 6, views to whether the leadership should engage in consultation of others sometimes in term certain decision makings. This can be very effective for the growth of the church especially when the leadership structure is changed. When succession planning is well implemented right from the local to national, there the leadership will know what each and every one is doing to promote growth in their various jurisdictions.

This is where the consultation is need for the church to experience a dynamic growth. The respondents are ready to be called upon to share ideas that can enhance the tremendous growth of the church. In counseling there are two terms we use to describe such availability of the youth as fitness and readiness.

This is a clear indication that the young men are so much anxious about the leadership administration of the church. They also want to say that they need a change, because even looking at the qualification for chairmanship there is no way the youth can be engaged. Moreover, young men and women of our day can do a lot in terms of church administration.

Even in the Old Testament times and the time of Christ the youth played key roles in leadership. Meanwhile, some are trained and others not. Table 9: Education Levels ofMale. This means that based on the educational levels of the people, they see the need for amendment in the church constitution. This is one of the reasons why they response massively to the researchers questionnaire of the leadership to consult others in term of certain decisions, because they felt they have something to contribute to the leadership development of the church.

From the view of the researcher, educated personals are always mindful of administrative ideologies. Succession planning could not be taken lightly otherwise the church will not emerge with the kind of growth it deserved.You will have to get your topic approved by the board before you begin writing it.

If you choose a topic that is too broad, you probably won't get an approval. These topics should be the perfect amount of narrow and broad to make the cut. I hope that these work for you or spark some ideas about what you want to write about. Think back to what made you want dissertation on school principal leadership go into the profession to begin with and that just might be the key to finding the topic that you are looking for. Should leaders speak the same language as the majority of the workers they direct?

Can better companies come from children being taught how to be in charge from preschool onward?

Doctoral dissertation on leadership

What have twin studies taught us about nature, nurture and the ability to lead? How much of our ability to be Alpha workers can be learned from wolf packs? Can music be employed to make employees more easily led? Robbins and Coultar there are contingency theories of leadership which describe what style of essay reference page is best for what type of Situation.

The basic theme of research was transformational and transactional leadership. Transformational leadership consisted of five major components which are much more important in terms of followers mentoring, coaching and development. The research found that in transactional leadership there is statistically significant difference in public and private dissertation on leadership succession Bodla, The field of education is facing a lot more challenges Jones, According to Gunter the responsibility of education leadership is to facilitate the learning activities and providing for an environment that is enabling and supportive for knowledge and related activities.

Butcher et al recognized the importance of leadership for professional development in education. Harling supported the view to study higher education leadership. Laissez-faire leadership represents the absence of a transaction of sorts with respect to leadership in which the leader avoids making decisions, abdicates responsibility, and does not use their authority.

This component is generally considered the most passive and ineffective form of leadership. Waters and Kingston raise their concern about the current and future states of educational leadership, and in particular the principalship. This study is significant because it would help in achieving effective leadership styles in higher education and technical fields. The result of this study would contribute to the knowledge base essential for the practice of educational administration by explaining the relationship between leadership styles and organizational performance.

Moderating role of organizational culture is also important for development of effective leadership, while is studied under present research.

This study has significant for not only for higher education administration practices but also for the smooth operations of technical and vocational practices.

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The results obtained for this study would provide information to administrators based on research and theory to assist them in their administration responsibilities. Administrators would learn about leadership with the performance of organization and different leadership styles suited to their personality, knowledge and situations affecting their roles. Need An Advice? How to compose a great dissertation plan Cheap term paper writing service.

Published: Thu, 06 Jun Extract: This assignment will argue why it is of fundamental importance that workers in the health and social care sector understand research of the three stages of development experienced by teenagers, which are pre-puberty, puberty and adolescence, drawing upon relevant theories. Reference will also be made to two mental health conditions teenagers may face: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Schizophrenia, examining how each of them affect the behaviour and day to day life of a sufferer.

IR is proposed to begin in muscle tissue with immune-mediated inflammatory changes and excess free fatty acids, causing ectopic lipid deposition. The Effects of Aging on the Human Skin Microbiome Published: Thu, 06 Jun Extract: Microorganisms on the skin are complex, diverse, loosely organized, and vary from individual to individual and between skin sites.

These microbes work together to form an ecosystem that is unique and variable with topographical diversity. Policy Brief: Health Care Funding for Oncology Research and Treatment Development Published: Thu, 06 Jun Extract: Arrangements declared by government at the elected state and federal level effects, affect practically every part of the daily activities with regards to oncology. Again, I make no claim as to the actual. Joanna Marie Ali. These dissertations reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the program.

They must find appropriate leadership dissertation topics and then create a. Dissertation Leadership Research. Essay service australia. Preparedness In Pavlovian Conditioning. Cheap fast custom papers. Paper help. This dissertation is available at Iowa Research Online:. Thesis on neural network. Of Engaging a Dissertation on effective leadership Leadership Alumni.

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        A fő betegellátó tevékenységeket 2012-től vette át a Liktordasi MED Kft és a továbbiakban ezen cég keretében folyik az alap és a járóbeteg szakellátás valamint a foglalkozás egészségügyi ellátás is. Az alapellátás vonatkozásában 1987 óta azonos személyhez kötődő ellátási struktúrával bír, míg a fül-orr-gégészeti magán ellátás a településen 1994 óta van jelen folyamatosan. A cég a fő hangsúlyt a holisztikus szemlélettel átitatott orvoslásra helyezi, a lehető legkevesebb gyógyszer terhelés és az invazív megoldások közötti dinamikus egyensúlyt alkalmazva.



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